WallStFlagAt Deborah Stapleton Communications, we understand that the demands of business communications can be overwhelming. That is why we work in close coordination with our clients, collaborating to reduce client stress and maximize results. We advise both public and private companies, building comprehensive worldwide investor and public relations programs tailored to fit each client’s needs.

There is an important synergy between investor and public relations; we have the tools for both. Whether the assignment is increasing a company’s visibility in the business media or on Wall Street, we use our skills and experience to design specific communications programs for each client domestically and internationally.

Deborah Stapleton founded her prior company, Stapleton Communications, Inc., in 1992. The firm, which at its peak employed more than 35 people, enjoyed 20 very successful years advising technology companies worldwide. Stapleton handled more than 30 IPOs during that time.

In 2013, Deborah started Deborah Stapleton Communications to reprise her IR advisory role on a much more concentrated scale. With a focus on client service and not on company administration and staff issues, Deborah feels her strengths are being better utilized to the overall good of her clients. She works with Alexis Pascal as her Partner. Alexis has worked with Deborah for more than 13 years in a variety of investor relations assignments. 

Partners’ Credentials:

Deborah Stapleton, Founding Partner

Alexis Pascal, Partner