Thepractice of investor relations is as much art as science and it takes practical experience as well as talent to get it right.  We have both.  We have spent our careers in IR, and have honed our craft so we can provide clients with the best possible advice and the most relevant programs to increase value for all concerned.  Our clients have told us that certain specific criteria led them to want to work with us. These are the Top Ten considerations iterated by our clients when discussing our services.

Top 10 Reasons to Select Deborah Stapleton Communications


  1. More than 25 years of IR/PR experience in technology- related Investor Relations
  2. Expert in IPO companies, guiding management communications with The Street before and after the deal
  3. Worldwide experience dealing with the buyside and sellside,  resulting in personal credibility and informed decision-making on behalf of clients
  4. Great relationships with bankers, analysts, fund managers, both domestically and internationally
  5. Understands how to tell and sell a specific technology story to The Street
  6. Provides senior level counseling to management, including speaker training and presentation writing/editing
  7. Excellent listening, speaking and writing skills
  8. Knows how to communicate quarterly earnings and other important events effectively (years of managing earnings conference calls, writing news releases, scripts, Q&A, rehearsing management, etc.)
  9. Experienced in planning and executing non-deal roadshows, conference attendance, Investor Days and other means of outreach to investors
  10. Adept at being the first line of defense in dealing with all types of investor inquiries, from both professionals and individuals

Partners’ Credentials:

Deborah Stapleton, Founding Partner

Alexis Pascal, Partner